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Prepare your army of heroes for the greatest battle of your life in Castle Clash: Brave Squads. The latest and greatest strategy game that you will ever get to download on PC and Mac. This awesome game has so many heroes and possible strategies that will keep you going for a long time. As a matter of fact, be prepared to lose some sleep on this.



But there is more to the game than just building an army and destroying all others. You also have to contend with building up your base defenses to avoid getting invaded yourself. And there is also the matter of diplomacy where you get to navigate the intricacies of making allies and enemies. Of course, you can always stick with just your friends, but where is the fun in that? There is a reason Castle Clash: Brave Squads is a massively multiplayer online strategy game.

We Are Millions

Join an existing guild or gather your newly acquired friends and create your very own guild. With such a budding community, you will always have someone to play with or against. Join millions of players in this exciting multiplayer game where you get to test your battle strategies against some of the very best in the world.

A Game of Epic Proportions

It is not a surprise that there are dozens of strategy games, like Clash of Clans, that have pretty much the same premise as Castle Clash: Brave Squads and with good reason. The player-versus-player scene has never been more exciting as it has been in the last few years. With video games becoming more and more accessible, there are so many opportunities to enjoy a game with millions of others. And that is exactly what this free game download accomplishes.

In Castle Clash download, you get to play on a stage against some of the best players in the world. Obviously, there is a learning curve first before you can contend with the top leaders. But getting there is only a matter of time because of the vast resources you can tap into to get an advantage. And we are not just referring to in-game stuff, but also the huge community of helpful players. Better yet, there are tons of friendly players as well who will guide you past the difficult stages or strategies.

Quality Versus Quantity

Surely, it would be easy to just build up the biggest army, but that is what sets this game apart from many others. In fact, Castle Clash download has dozens of unique army units and special heroes that you can hire. And each one has its own capabilities and strengths, allowing you to plan out for a well-rounded army or design. One that is especially focused on destroying your enemy. Whatever you choose to do will either bring you victory or defeat.

In the same way, defending your base is another strategy altogether. With so many options on how to set up defenses, things can get overwhelming. But not to worry, it is not like you will become a master right off the bat. As mentioned before, you will always be able to seek help from a bustling community that reaches out to the four corners of the globe.

Always Something New

There is no loss of replay-ability with Castle Clash best heroes because the developers at IGG.COM have proven over the years that they are very dedicated to keeping this game moving forward. Also, with the constant updates that have even added completely new features, you will always find something new and exciting. In fact, the most recent update has not only added new skins and user interface changes but entirely new heroes, pets, enchantments, and so much more.

It is truly incredible to know how long this game has been going. But, the updates just keep coming and the community will definitely vouch for that, by players that have been playing for several years. On top of that, the many updates have also added entirely new game modes that let you enjoy the game in whole new ways. In this way, you know for sure that you will not get stuck in a rut or feel like the game is going stale.

So, it is about time that you download Castle Clash: Brave Squads and give it a try for yourself. You can download the game now for PC or Mac and instantly become part of this global extravaganza. Just be warned that it will surely suck you in. Play now!

Game Features

  • High definition graphics

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Castle Clash Screenshot

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