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Top 6 Best Heroes to Hire in Castle Clash

Castle Clash is a hero-based strategy game where you can dominate other players’ bases through the help of your attack troops and heroes. With that said, choosing a hero to lead the battle is important because it will affect the entire gameplay. Although there are tons of legendary heroes in this game, it is essential to look for heroes that can work great for you and help level up your empire more quickly. This is a tough decision to make, but you have no choice because that’s how you can win the game and overcome your enemies.

Best Heroes in Castle Clash

If you’ve played Castle Clash, it’s already common knowledge that you need heroes to lead a troop into battle successfully. But with the many heroes available, sometimes you can get confused about which hero to choose, especially beginners. Whenever you ever encounter this kind of problem, worry not because we’re here to give you our top picks of the best heroes to choose from.


Castle Clash Heroes


Dove Keeper

This adorable hero deals a great amount of damage to enemy heroes. Despite having the lowest BP of 3 seconds, she can deal an average of 80% to 300% attack damage per second. Moreover, she frequently removes buffs and has a fast energy recovery.

Storm Eater

You can never underestimate this hero’s attack as he can deal about 420% to 1840% attack damage for four seconds to the surrounding area once he summons a Shock Pillar. When Shock Pillar is used in battle, Storm Eater gets immunity against fear and coma.

Pumpkin Duke

This hero’s special skill is Celebrate. It increases the attack speed, movement speed, and allies’ damage by 10%-50% for 8 seconds.


This legendary hero has evolved the magma power without being one of the flames of the dragon. He removes buffs from two enemy heroes and deals about 150% attack damage to two nearby heroes every 0.4 seconds for 8 seconds.


His special skill is Electroshock. While using this skill, he strikes two random enemies with electric bolts, which deals about 40%-200% attack damage every 0.5 seconds for 3 seconds.


His Crashing Glacier skill lets him freeze the enemy target for 0.4 seconds to 1 second and deals damage of 510%-2160%.

When choosing your heroes, always make sure to choose wisely. Also, see to it to upgrade or evolve your heroes to unleash their full potential and skills on the battlefield. Otherwise, your troops will end up defeated and your base vulnerable to downfall. So the next time you play Castle Clash PC, choose from among these ultimate heroes so you can achieve victory. Download if here for free!