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Castle Clash Update Version 1.8.71 Content Overview

Great news for all clashers out there! IGG draw out the second 2021 update for the game last February 5. And sure, it has all of the content and features that you wish to expect. Now, let’s do a quick recap on the first update that went live on January 7, 2021! For those who missed the update, now is your chance to browse through the items, best heroes, and other features in version update 1.8.6.


Castle Clash Gameplay


Castle Clash January 2021 Update

Like most Castle Clash updates, January 7, 2021, dropped two new heroes in the game. The first one is the Genteel Droid that comes with the Bullet Spray ability. Another notable attribute of this hero is fast energy recovery. Besides, this hero’s power will provide allies with immunity from stun, silence, and freeze. The second hero is Lady Weldcore, who comes with the Spinning Fan ability.

The new heroes are a new talent called Wind’s Guidance that can raise dodge and max HP. A new insignia that can raise an attack called Zero In was also part of the update and new hero skins for the new characters. Aside from the character improvements, the update also increased the max building level by 5, added new building achievements, and new decorations.

Adjustments were also applied to the game in this update. Some of the notable adjustments include Jumbear, Crystal Wraith, Ice Lady, Demon Stalker, Young Spark, and Mad Inventor into the Hard Difficulty stages. Another is the increased maximum slots in the heroes’ altar by two and lost realm improvements.

And finally, the update also squashed some bugs in the game. Notable bugs include the skill anomaly of Pet Droggo, Drako’s Animation Lag, and the rankings display issue in Line of defense now gets fixed.

Now that you are up to date with the previous patch’s details, it’s time for us to check out the latest update version that went live last February 5, 2021.


Castle Clash Update


Castle Clash Update Version 1.8.4 February 5, 2021

Like the previous game update, version 1.8.4 comes with two new heroes. The first called Vermillica possesses the Sanguine Squall (optimistic violent gust of wind) ability. This ability summons a violent gust of wind that deals damage to all nearby enemies for a specific length of time.

This ability also places Blood Marks on enemy heroes within range. Vermillica, on the other hand, will experience an increase in attack percentage lasting the entire round or until removed.

The second hero, called Inquisitess bears the Divine Reckoning ability. One of the notable attributes of this ability is that the enemies hit by the attack will share the damage taken by the hero. Besides, this ability makes the hero immune to silence. Both heroes also come with new costumes.

New Super Pets

Two new super pets were also part of this recent update themed after the season of love. Love Deity & Mutant Love Deity both have the Euphoric Ritual skill. This part initiates an attack on random enemy heroes every time they master the super pet attacks. Besides, Love Deity is active, the critical resistance percentage of the enemy decreases.

New enchantments like Magic Burst and a new insignia called Victory Horn were also in the latest update. Magic Burst reduces the hero’s damage and provides a chance to remove buffs from all enemy units within range. On the other hand, the Victory Horn raises the attack percentage and allows nearby heroes to recover HP equal to the percentage of the hero’s attack.


Castle Clash Love Deity


Also, this version comes with in-game adjustments to keep the game balanced and more engaging. Some of the notable adjustments include streamlined tasks and increased rewards for the 7-day training log. Another is the integration of a fixed schedule to Line of Defense, additional two slots in the Heroes Altar, the removal of enhancement functions of Crests, and the adjustment on Gold Medallion’s task requirements.

Bug fixes, as usual, were also part of this update. Issues like time display errors in Line of Defense, multiple Sentinels appearing on the Sentinel Base were made. Lastly, the Rune Master now can inflict Paralyze on heroes normally immune to energy reduction.