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Castle Clash: January 2021 Update 1.6.8 – New Heroes and Skins

Castle Clash players greet 2021 with a hefty game update. The developers released update 1.8.6 last January 7, 2021. The update rolls a couple of new additions to the hero pool and new skills. Aside from that, there are some much-needed game adjustments and bug fixes as well. Here’s a brief rundown of what the latest game update has in store for the players.

New Heroes

Update 1.8.6 sees the introduction of two new heroes in the game. These are Genteel Android and Lady Weldcore.

Genteel Droid

Genteel Droid is a crafty new hero who excels in dodging enemy fire while also dealing damage to enemy targets. His Hero Skill is called Bullet Spray. At Level 15, this ability deals X DMG to enemies in front of him in an arc. After activating this Hero Skill, Genteel Droid gains immunity to Stuns, Freeze, and Silence as well as 80% reduced DMG received from enemies for 3 seconds.


castle clash hero genteel droid

Image Source: Gaming Art


Moreover, Genteel Droid has a 20% chance of Dodging attacks. When he dodges an attack, Genteel Droid deals DMG to the hero who has the lowest HP percentage equal to 12% of this enemy Hero’s Max HP. The damage dealt this way ignores the DMG limits of its targets and has a 3-second cooldown. To top it off, Genteel Droid has fast Energy recovery.

Genteel Droid has a decent skill that can be stronger if you manage to give him additional Dodge Traits to maximize his damage against opponents with his Bullet Spray skill. That said, he is rather squishy and is reliant on having a decent build for him to utilize his Dodges and Bullet Spray more effectively.

Lady Weldcore

The second new hero is Lady Weldcore. She is a DPS Hero who relies on her strong ATK to whittle down enemies. At max level, her Spinning Fans skill allows her to deal a percentage of her ATK DMG to a random number of enemy Heroes. If the Hero she targets happens to be Paralyzed, she deals 3 times extra damage on it.

While her skill is active, she recovers 7% of her Max HP every second for the next 3 seconds. This HP recovery has a 6-second cooldown. Moreover, when she uses Spinning Fans, she can paralyze random enemy Heroes for a short duration and she gets immunity to Stun and Silence as well as a 60% DMG reduction.


castle clash hero lady weldcore

Image Source: Gaming Art


These two new Heroes prove to be cool additions to players’ rosters. Both Heroes are a bit build reliant, and newer players might need to take time to get the hang of their skills. However, for more experienced players, these Heroes have the potential to be excellent candidates for unique builds. Genteel Droid and Lady Weldcore also have new Hero skins. Genteel Droid has the “Nutcracker” skin, while Lady Weldcore has the “Feathery Grace” skin. Both can be unlocked or purchased in the in-game store.

New Talent & Insignia

Update 1.8.6 also gives players a new Hero Talent in Wind’s Guidance. Equipping Wind’s Guidance proves to be beneficial for the aforementioned new Heroes, especially Genteel Droid since he relies on Dodges to deal massive damage on enemies. That said, Wind’s Guidance can also be played by other Heroes that will predominantly use Dodge traits to avoid getting hit by enemies.

Zero In is the new Insignia that will become available for players in update 1.8.6. Once equipped, its users gain an ATK boost. And when the equipped Hero attacks, their damage has a chance to ignore limits of targets for a number of seconds, based on the level of the Insignia. Zero In’s ability also has a short cooldown.

Wind’s Guidance and Zero In prove to be useful additions to Heroes in need of ATK boosts and additional Max HP. In the hands of experienced or adventurous players, this new talent and insignia can be a fun experiment down the line.

Quality of Life Fixes

Apart from the new additions listed above, update 1.8.6 also has a ton of Quality of Life improvements to make the overall gameplay experience a bit smoother. This includes bug fixes such as correcting the number of Revives shown on Rambard’s Lvl 11-15 skill description. This also includes Rambard’s skill interaction with other Heroes that turns them invisible randomly.

There are also fixes in place for Pet Droggo’s clunky skill numbers and reactions. Fixes are in place for Pet Drako’s animation lags. These, along with updated in-game numbers in Heroes’ skills and overall screen navigation improvements are some of the quality of life tweaks in this update.